Initial Report on the conclusion of the 2017 Conference

Compared with the 2016 Conference, the recently completed 2017 Conference was even more successful for furthering peaceful reconciliation. Though the proportion of Jewish delegates was far less than international Ephraimites who came from the four corners of the world, mostly at great sacrifice and odds, the increase in the Jewish proportion compared with 2016 was significantly higher than for Ephraimites. This may be due to the active promotion this year in Israel amongst the Jewish population, such as the 2-page spread preview that our associate, Dr Rivka Adler, wrote for the Jerusalem Post and bill board posters which we had specially printed. The conference was attended by some 125 delegates daily – out of a total of 175 who attended over the 3 days.

COI and Kol Hator are the only promotional ventures to seek the heart, soul and ear of Judah in order to raise Jewish and Rabbinic awareness of this great and unveiling Phenomenon around the world of non-Jewish acceptance of Torah.  There can be no Geulah (Final Redemption) without reconciliation between the two greatly divided Houses of Israel (Judah and Ephraim) which have been at loggerheads with each other for more than 2700 years now. There can be no Geulah without Ephraim (10-Israel) return in a miraculous process which has to be recognized and accepted by Judah (the Jews).

To this respect the management of COI are confident that sound improved relations have been achieved at this conference across the great divide between the two estranged sides, especially with regard to the Ephraimite Messiah issue and also Jewish promotion of “conditional conversion” which is strongly opposed by most Ephraimites.

A main positive factor for reconciliation was defined by several speakers  as  “agreeing on and pursuing Torah observance” –  to be the reconciliation generator.

Great emphasis was also placed on the importance of ‘the Land’ in this reconciliation process and the need to RETURN to it. It is COI’s experience that this emphasis on Return is leading re-awakening Ephraim to conclude that Judah is proselytizing them to convert to Judaism – a pressure which they reject as much as Judah rejects being proselytized for Christianity.

This is a most important factor that has to be addressed and clarified in the interim towards the 2018 Conference and as a main topic at the next conference.

The Conference was concluded with an additional extra option which some 30 delegates took up: a 1-day tour of Shomron, the original Bible Heartland. So successful was this tour that COI intends to include such a 1-day tour as an integral part of the 2018 Conference program.

In a review at the conclusion of this tour, a suggestion was adopted to start planning the 2018 Conference forthwith in order to give delegates proper time to prepare and financially plan for it.

Shavuot is the Time selected and no doubt appointed for these Reconciliation Conferences to promote uniting relations between Judah and Ephraim (the re-awakening Torah masses around the Globe).

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