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Be part of the Greatest Event foretold in the Bible

Biblical Prophecy is emphatic: The House of Israel, exiled amongst the nations since the fall of the World Empire of Israel under King Solomon, 2700 years ago,
shall be restored in the End Times!

Jer. 16:14,15 “However, the days are coming,” declares HaShem, “when it will no longer be said, ‘As surely as HaShem lives, who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,’ 15 but it will be said, ‘As surely as HaShem lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and out of all the countries where he had banished them.’ For I will restore them to the land I gave their ancestors.”

CKICK HERE for a comprehensive List of these Prophecies.

This Restoration will require the Reconciliation between the Lost House of Israel (also referred to as ‘Ephraim’ or ‘Yoseph’ in the Bible) and the House of Judah (the Jews).

The Return of Yoseph is depicted in great detail by the Biblical Metaphor which underlies the history of Yoseph. Rabbinic writings abound with commentaries on this topic. Accordingly it is clear that  the re-identifying House of Ephraim/Yoseph will need to  declare and identify themselves as the Body of ‘Yoseph who is Alive!’ in order for Judah to recognize and accept him and to re-unite for the Final Redemption and Restoration of the 12-Tribed Nation of Israel.

If you regard yourself as part of this Torah Restoration Awakening around the World, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to register on the ‘Yoseph is Alive!’ List.

WHO should register?

Those who comply with the following minimum 5 Uniting Factors:

  1. Love of the God of Israel.
  2. Non-condemning Love of the Jewish people and feeling led to bless Israel.
  3. Having personally started and truly striving to restore Torah principles like Shabbat and Feast Days.
  4. Love for the Land of Israel, and/or repeatedly visiting Israel and having a constant yearning after the Land of Israel.
  5. Defending the right of Jews to live in the Land of Israel and opposing anti-Israel propaganda and lies.

Nothing more is expected from you to register. We will leave it to God to form hearts and souls to His requirements.

This is simply a List declaring Solidarity with Israel on the above five principles. It has no intention ever to make demands on the Israel authorities but rather to serve as a humble plea to these authorities to consider the request  by these signatories to be considered as returning lost Israelites, the captive brothers of Judah.

If you identify with these signs then it is vital that you register on the ‘Yoseph is Alive!’ List below!

“Yosef is Alive” Registration Form

I/we hereby request to be registered on the ‘Yosef is Alive’ Listing which will in time be a confirmation of the extent of this Body World Wide, which currently is an undeterminable factor. This confirmation will be used by COI solely for furthering the Cause of Restoration and Reconciliation which, according to Scripture, has to pre-empt the establishment of the Universal Kingdom of the God of Israel.

$20 Registration Fee: (to cover the cost of internationally promoting this Listing.  Click here for further details regarding this fee).


I undertake to submit  $20 (or equivalent in other national currency) as follows:

- By Cash to be mailed to the address below. This is recommended in order to save exorbitant Bank commissions on such a small amount. It is a proven SAFE way to submit small amounts - and even if some should be lost, it still will be far less than the commissions drawn by Banks. Wrap $20 note in a sheet of paper with your name and e-mail address and submit it in an AIR MAIL stamped envelope to: 

COI - Yosef is Alive List
P.O. Box 3174
10/1 Challilim Street
Nevey Menachem
Karnei Shomron

To submit donations for someone else's registration, Use more than one envelope to reduce chance of loss by mail. For donations of $100 and more, write us to request our Banking details for direct Bank Transfers.

Frequently asked questions

Why is such a registering drive necessary?

Because Judah is totally unaware that Ephraimites exist in the world in fulfilment of Hebrew Prophets and Jewish Sages who have foretold this from Scripture throughout the ages. After 2000 years of persecution and forced conversions, Judah has also grown extremely protective of Jewish society and fiercely guard  against intrusion by strangers with self-driven agendas. No Rabbi is ignorant of the reality that Lost 10-Israel has to return – but it simply is totally beyond their recognition for real today. Judah needs to be made aware of the existence of ‘Yoseph who is yet Alive’ – a term that they are acquainted with. Rabbinic interpretation of Prophetic scripture confirms that Yoseph will be the gatherer of the exiles and Returnees – but the Yoseph Body need to be identified.

This is the Goal of this COI Project to achieve – but it can ONLY be done with YOUR Help. If you regard yourself as an Ephraimite please join the list.

What are the identification signs of a re-awakening Ephraimite/Yosephite?

  • A non-Jew who has come to love Israel and the Jewish people and feels led to bless Israel
  • A non-Jew who has started restoring Torah principles, like Shabbat, Feast Days, etc.
  • A non-Jew who has come to love the Land of Israel, and/or has visited Israel more than once and have a constant yearning after the Land of Israel
  • A non-Jew who defends the right of Jews to live in the Land of Israel and opposes anti-Israel propaganda and lies

IF YOU identify with any of these aspects, then chances are that YOU are a re-awakening soul from the exiled House of the Northern 10 Lost Tribes of Israel who have been exiled from the Land 2700 yrs. ago and in this way have  totally lost their Israel Torah Identity – until the End Time when God has promised to restore their Israel Torah Identity. YOU owe it to yourself and your posterity and to the God of Israel, to stand UP and declare yourself as of the Body of Yoseph who yet is Alive!  

Click here to join the list!

Why do I have to PAY to register?

Because this Project will pay for massive and continued advertising campaigns and simply does not have the funds to do so. YOU and YOU alone can make this campaign a reality – for your OWN benefit and for those who come after you. $20 is the price merely of a cup of coffee and a sandwich in a restaurant. This donation has no commitments, no ties, simply your voice of commitment on a declaration of Solidarity with the people of Israel – God’s People. .

The $20 registration fee is a once off requirement.

Cannot donate?  Exchange rates make it too expensive? Do not wish to pay but want to register? Scared of risk factors? Not sure? Please e-mail us explaining your situation. We dearly want you involved. Please contact us with any questions or reservations. 

Please note that only one registration fee is needed per family, but we would like every family member listed who fits the list criteria so we can have as big of a list of names as possible. Please list any additional family members in rhe space provided.

Click here to join the list.

Is this Project not trying to do God’s Work for Him?  Will He not achieve it Himself in His own good Time?

The history of Israel confirms that God has always expected His People to walk the Walk and build the Land. Sure, He inspires, motivates, blesses, calls – as YOU have been called – but He does not need passengers – he needs soldiers, builders, workers, conquerors – hearts, souls and minds dedicated to HIS Cause. We are assisting YOU to tune in with the Land of Israel and its people.  We are laboring for YOUR interest and for the Purpose of God’s Plan for humanity through Israel.

Click here to join the list.

How do I know that this is not just another scam?

Check the associated organizations to this project, which share and support this Call.

They do NOT always share exactly the same religious theology, but they are firmly united in the Goal of this project and on the need for the Body of Yoseph/Ephraim to identify itself for its OWN benefit. Contact any of these organizations that are all driven by dedicated volunteers and ask yourself if they would support a Scam? How much can you lose anyway with $20?  But – you CAN help to build the Commonwealth of Yisrael.  And if it really still bugs you – we will gladly register you for FREE.

Click here to join the list.

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