Yet another silent, unheard and unwanted multitude…

And chances are that YOU are part of this massive crowd if you are an associate of COI.

In fact, the very name COI refers to this Group – the favorite ‘son’ of HaShem, Ephraim / Yoseph, elected for His Special Purpose yet to reach fulfillment.  This vast innumerable group is rejected – not only by His identified and faithful elect, Judah, but even by themselves, rejecting their birth right, their inheritance in His Land.

This is why you should be attending the coming Shavuot COI Reconciliation Conference in Jerusalem, May 21 – 23 at this festive Time – most likely the Yovell (Jubilee) for the release and return of 10-Israel to their Homeland.

Cautionary note:  If that makes you exuberant, bear the reality in mind that, for Judah it equates the end of WW1 in 1917, 2 Jubilees ago. And 100 years later, after another World War and a Holocaust, Judah is still struggling to conquer the Promised Land of their Inheritance. So, unless you waste your faith on the Church fable of a ‘Rapture’, the real Test may still lie ahead for you. And if that thought dampens your zeal,  take heed of where you come from – what makes you qualify for a free ride Home? The conquering of the Land has never been easy yet. Will it now be, without the need for personal preparation and perseverance?

At the moment return to the Land is often not even an option for re-identifying 10 Tribers many of whom are not even aware with their Hebrew identity and affiliation.  And to those who do feel drawn to the Land, it is almost impossible to accomplish.  Personal attitudes from both sides, Judah and Ephraim, do not make it easier – to the contrary.

The following review based on the research project following a Jerusalem Van Leer Institute Conference on the same topic, and our comments to it, spell out clearly the gross oversight by these learned scholars of this silent and ‘hidden’  multitude which COI caters for.

DISCLAIMER – If readers conclude from this presentation that this is a call by COI to endorse conversion to Judaism, then please know that you have it all wrong. You are likely a prisoner of fear and wrong understandings. You should then rather question and blame the very Way that you have embarked upon and which forms the topic of this review, i.e. a return from Christian Egyptian paganism to principles proclaimed by Judaism. It is the goal of COI to acquaint souls who have embarked on this Route with the widest possible exposure to developing trends and with eye ball to eye ball communications and deliberations between the two striding sides.  Then trust and leave HaShem to conclude the final outcome.  Sticking heads in the sand will not resolve the greatest Issue in the Plan of Creation.

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