Who Are You America?

by Stephen J. Spykerman.   Time to lift Your Prophetic Veil.  

 Cautionary Note for Jews –  contains Ephraimite Messianic Content.  

This unique, one-of-a-kind paperback 6×9 full-color book is small, only 80 pages, but it packs a powerful punch! In it, European (and Jewish) author, Stephen J. Spykerman offers the MISSING key to understanding the ancient prophecies of the Bible. It contains an astoundingly prophetic message for our time, as it sets forth key insights toward the ancient secrets regarding America’s true ancestry and heritage.

In this captivating non-fiction book, the reader is invited along a path of discovery in which age-old concepts are presented in a whole new way. The subject matter concerns America and her connection with Israel both ancient and modern. The reader cannot fail to be impressed by the revelatory examination given to every aspect of America’s colorful heraldry. It literally is an eye-opening experience! After you have read this book and studied its illustrations, you will never be able to look at either the GREAT SEAL OF AMERICA or the PRESIDENTIAL SEAL in the same light again.

“Who Are You America?” – Removes the veil that has lain over the true origins and ancestry of the American and therefore Anglo-Saxon, Celtic-related peoples of this world. The book’s author sounds a clarion call for all Americans & Brits to wake up and rise to the incredible promise of their amazing heritage. At the same time the reader is shown how in these perilous times the fortunes of the nation might be restored.

Again, this is a little book with a BIG message, with direct relevance to every citizen of the United States of America.

You can buy it here.

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