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Stick of Judah

What is the meaning of  ‘The Stick of Judah’?

Unbeknown to most non-Jewish Bible students, and placed on the back burner by the Rabbis and leaders of Judaism, is the almost totally suppressed historical fact that the Kingdom of Israel under the Rule of King David and Solomon (around 1000 BCE), was a vast World Empire on the level of all known World Empires of history.  This Empire reigned from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River in the East, a vast land masse. Because of their failure to comply with His requirements,  the God of Israel pulled the carpet from under this Kingdom which consisted of two Houses:

  • the House of Judah (consisting of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin), and
  • the House of Israel (consisting of the Northern ten Tribes of Israel).

These two Houses lived in enmity and war with each other until after several centuries, the Northern Ten Tribed House was exiled into oblivion amongst the Nations.  The House of Judah which was also exiled after the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE retained its Jewish Torah Identity throughout their exile and persecution amongst the nations for some 2000 years until their miraculous Return to their Father Land in 1948.  This according to the Restoration Promises of God.  The Northern Ten Tribed House of Israel, though assimilated with the nations and having lost their Israel identity totally, is under the same Divine Oath of Restoration to their former Father Land, the Land of Israel in the Middle East.

There are numerous Prophecies to this effect in the Tanach and also hidden under the Promises of the New Testament.  A comprehensive Listing of these Prophecies which form the Main Theme of the Bible, can be found here.  The Main Prophecy  can be found in Ezekiel 37:15 onwards – after the review of the Skeleton of Ezekiel (the entire House of Israel) to come Alive (first part of Ezekiel). In this Prophecy God refers to these two Houses as the ‘Stick of Judah and the Stick of Yoseph / Ephraim.

The Stick of Judah Vision

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While every Rabbi is conversant with Biblical Prophecy and the interpretations of Rabbinic sages, that the Lost Ten Tribes have to return in order to bring about the Final Redemption, the issue has been put on the back shelves of Judaism’s library of Scripture interpretation.  In addition, 2000 years of brutal persecution have driven Jews and Judaism into protection mode, shielding against foreign non-Jewish intrusion into their ranks. Add to this the persistent proselytizing efforts of Christians, drawing Jews away from their Faith and in this way bring ‘death’ into Jewish families, there is a great resistance against these re-identfying Ten Tribers who generally come from Christian stock. Christianity which have completely overturned Judaism and Torah have turned these exiled Israelites into Torah rejecting, anti-Semitic forces which Judah has to guard against.  It is hard, if not impossible for Jews to believe that anything pro-Jewish can come from such sources – history bearing raw testimony to this.

This, added tto the physical resistance of re-awakening 10-Israel to ‘Rabbinic Torahism’ (ref. coi-recon.org/stick-of-yosef)  is making any Reconciliation almost totally impossible. Yet, COI believes and proves that Reconciliation across these great barriers IS indeed possible.

COI Reconciliation Projects, through this Web Site and its promotions, strive to assist you with Scriptural evidence, information and guidance for the establishing of the Universal Kingdom in a new World Order.

This cannot occur before the two estranged houses have reconciled and made peace with each other.

The center reconciliatory promotion of COI

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