It is with deep appreciation to the beloved supporters who enabled me to relocate to the related countries to do this research fulltime.
Without your consistent support this crucial work would never have materialised. I am forever indebted to you…

Who we are?

This project is a part of a large international study involving Prof (Dr) WA Liebenberg, the Maccabee Institute for Advanced Biblical Heritage Education, the Kol HaTor Establishment and this crucial organization,  the Commonwealth of Israel.

About the project

Open world – Enlighten Project and the Basis for a Discussion

Open world presents “Research Cycle, Consisting of 16 Books Dedicated to the Historical Overview of the Existence and Disappearance of the Ten Tribes of Israel” and supports discussion, information and social space for people living in different countries, who are not indifferent to the fate of Israel and are willing to learn more about their roots.

Mission of the project

We are dedicated to strengthening the Jewish self-identification and the Jewish pride for their rich historical background and great past through which the world at large benefited greatly. This is the very reason why our project specifically aims to bring to light, not only the Jewish history, but also the traditions, religion and social responsibilities. Knowing one’s roots is knowing one’s purpose, the connection to the fatherland and the beloved people.

Project’s tasks

One of the most important tasks of our project is the informational support of the Israelite descendants settled in the many nations in different countries. It is also to help them to awaken and identify their culture and start learning their roots and traditions and to help them to repatriate and to strengthen bonds between Jewish people and the nations. It is our hope and desire that we will be able to help our progressive young generation who are willing to study and live a Torah-based lifestyle and acquire more information regarding its fundamental principles that benefitted the world through the ages.

The books

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From the Author

I hope readers will be interested in the findings, as a holistic whole, made by me and my team in the process of working on the project cycle. Perhaps this research will make many people rethink what their relationships to the much-loved Jewish people are, or wake up the thought that they are perhaps Jewish? Further, to provoke their fundamental appreciation to the Jewish people for their moral culture and customs, which were embedded in the ancient civilizations.
Discovering these “white spots” of the history of the Jews and mankind, each of you may be convinced that basically the world was laid on the supreme law of “love and the nobility of human nature”.
This epic principle was not granted in vain by the Almighty, but by the love of His beloved people who went through inconceivable and endless suffering in the hope for them to return someday to their real home. I dedicated my life to increase the social acceptance of the Jewish people by the world so as to understand clearly what they truly mean for humanity; and love them with deep appreciation…

For the first time in the historiography and development of this theme, a systematic analysis, which is chronologically arranged, has been made on the process of the migration of the entire generation of Israeli people and their direct influence on the development of culture and religion in many nations. The “A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations” book cycle has been thoroughly developed by our team for three years. We spent almost two years in a working expedition in many countries, personally met representatives of local Jewish organizations, beloved people of Israel now living outside its borders in new places they call their home. During our expedition we were blessed to meet local archaeologists, to find archaeological evidence of settlements of the ancient Israelite descendants and the connection to the defined Biblical events. All of this can be read in “The Chronicles” or see it in the published materials – the reports on the investigation of the glorious and rich sacred history of the Jews and their intellectual traditions.

On the photo: Prof Liebenberg was privileged to visit Mtskheta which was the seat of the Ten Tribes in Georgia

The stratagem of modern society seems to be a given. However, throughout its history, society has continued to change, and today is just a stage on the trajectory of these changes. How will this society be in the future, more importantly, why did it become so? What have we lost or missed in knowledge about ourselves? And how can we improve?
The Zeitgeist of today, which is a new generation of Jews, is actively seeking their own understanding of the Jewish people, and discovers it in the source of life and inspiration. Modern culture is increasingly returning to the ancient Hebrew texts for attention to the spiritual values of the Jewish history which has become an increasingly prominent phenomenon in society, which I am pleased to notice over the past decade. Throughout the Jews’ existence they always had a great cultural influence on the entire global civilization. It is also impossible to deny the huge impact that the Bible and other Jewish types of educational activities had on the lives of the Jews and other nationalities.

Prof 3

About the author

by OvadYah Avrahami

Over the years, I have had the honour and pleasure to maintain close professional and personal contact with Prof Liebenberg and I will not hesitate to declare this research and social work of the professor as an outstanding and unique addition to our knowledge of these topics which should be treasured – the fundamental importance of which Israel, and even the world, cannot overestimate.
My collaboration with Prof Liebenberg is explained by the correlation of our communal life and spiritual interests. The cycle author and my colleague, is engaged in educational activities in the sphere of development of international knowledge about the Jewish religion and culture as a university representative in South Africa (HRTI & HTG). He zealously supports the process of wider social understanding of the historical mission of the Jewish people in his region, the African countries and internationally. He passionately went on extended research expeditions to the countries of the European Continent to research amongst the little known and virtually vanished ancient populations for the truths of the Ten Tribes.
I personally represent the organisation, the Commonwealth of Israel Reconciliation Projects, along with co-founder, author of several books on the Ten Tribes and their traces in history to this day, Stephen Spykerman and a team consisting of twelve members, six from the House of Yahudah and six from the House of Yisrael (Ephraim) to further the process of reconciliation between the Two Houses. These Board members are all well experienced on this topic and are specialist commentators in their own right.
Prof Liebenberg owns several dozen deep historical and research works, which formulated a system of spirituality worthy to occupy a prominent place among the world systems of the moral development of mankind. He was conferred the status of professor in the field of Ancient Hebraic Studies, a natural result of his self-sacrificing work in this area. He is an experienced Biblical tour guide and promotor of Israel, organizer and participant of many important international conferences and forums, including the recent Cameroun visit where he taught Torah-acceptance and had discussions with important government officials such as Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals – Mr Laurent Esso and others. In addition, he heads the Hebraic Teaching Group (HTG) of which the Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute (HRTI) is a subsidiary where a variety of educational programs are offered to students from different countries and continents by a modern system of distant learning.
I want to emphasize that for over two years, Prof Liebenberg devoted all the free time and personally funded this creative phase for the presentation on our website: Research – historical chronicles.
Having said all this, it fails to cover even nearly all the facets of the fruitful activities of Prof Liebenberg, which aim at the study and popularisation of the best categories of the Jewish culture and religion. His work and effort are highly commendable and hopefully progressive people will give their every assistance and help.

On the photo: Cameroun Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals: Mr Laurent Esso and Cameroun Notaire: Maitre Dorette Dissake Kwa

Review of the book

by OvadYah Avrahami

I highly recommend the reading of the research project findings by Prof (Dr) WA Liebenberg’s cycle in which he gives a structured systematic and chronological presentation of the historical events related to the disappearance of the Ten Tribes of Israel. Also, in the process of disclosure of the many topics, he reminds us of the wisdom of our forefathers, based on the laws and ideologies of our holy Torah. The study is aimed at the unification of the Jews all over the world according to our Sages’ teaching for our nation’s purpose. It encourages and even inspires the return to Eretz Israel.

On the photo: The Lailashi Hebrew Bible is a unique Bible regarded as one of the world’s most important Jewish manuscripts, kept at Georgia’s National Centre of Manuscripts. View on special permission by Prof Liebenberg. It is one of the most important documents which proved the ancient coexistence of Georgian and Jewish people. With Prof Liebenberg is Prof L Tsitsuashvili who is the leading figure in Jewish Culture and Tradition in Georgia and teaches at the Georgia Private University.

Even the name of the cycle has attracted wide attention and already has won a large audience. The reason for this is – the urgency of the problem; the enormous amount of factual material of world history which is available, social studies, geography and with the ever increasing wisdom from the Bible and the Torah. The author demonstrates superior knowledge, brilliant connection of historical, geographical and theological knowledge in the subject of this research. Worthy of admiration is the depth of analysis given in the source cycle – and systems thinking which is presented to us as Sacred Spiritual Knowledge.
The analysis of the circumstances and causes of the historical processes described may serve as an illustration to determine the order of construction of the various ethnic groups and their cultures, as spread by the Israelites into the world. All this will help to further the revival and development of the national Jewish identity and especially Torah awareness amongst the nations. This all in fulfilment of the Intentions of the G-d of Israel and the predictions of Jewish sages.

The study topics raised by professor Liebenberg are of extreme importance, not only historically, but also in the arena of public relations for Jews and Judaism. Today, world wide, there is a renewed interest and awareness even amongst non-Jewish people after the breakdown of the traditional norms of behaviour and methods of spiritual development. Increasing personal morality and individual spiritual perfection through Torah study has become the driving force for social life and national identity in the re-identifying and returning of the Ten Tribes to their Hebrew roots.


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Book 1 available


Historical Setting of the Two Kingdoms: Kings Solomon’s in Israel and the Kingdom of Colchis/Iberia.

  • Introduction
  • Historical Setting of the Two Kingdoms: Kings Solomon’s in Israel and the Kingdom of Colchis/Iberia.
  • Judah and Yosef Must Return from the Land of the North.
  • The Mystery in the Life of the Hebrew Yosef Living in a Pagan Egypt.
  • The Historical Pattern Must be Reversed.
  • Overview of the Rise and Fall of King Solomon’s Kingdom.
  • The Covenant.
  • Overview of the Two Houses.
  • The Great Divorce of the United Kingdom of Israel.
  • The Kings that Ruled Over the Two Houses of Israel.
  • Hadad the Edomite.
  • Jeroboam the Ephraimite: Future King of the Northern Ten Tribes.
  • The Origin of the Ten Tribes.
  • Rehoboam Solomon’s Son: King of the Southern Two Tribes.
  • The Ten Northern Tribes of Israel Walk Out on Rehoboam and on The United Kingdom.
  • Jeroboam Resurfaces to Fulfill Prophecy.
  • Rehoboam and Jeroboam After the Division of the United Kingdom of Israel.
  • Conclusion on the Division of the Kingdom.
  • The Years Following the Great Divorce of the United Kingdom of Israel.
  • Overview of the Northern Kingdom Taken Captive to Assyria.
  • The Southern Kingdom Also Taken Captive to Babylon.
  • Overview of the Kingdoms of Modern-day Georgia: The Ten Tribes’ Destiny.
  • The Origin of the Kingdom of Colchis.
  • The Geographical Area of the Kingdom of Colchis.
  • Colchis’ First Mentioning.
  • Main Towns in Colchis.
  • Earliest History of Colchis.
  • The Local Tribes in Colchis Before the Ten Tribers Arrived.
  • The Medo-Persian Influence.
  • The Greek Occupation Under Alexander the Great.
  • The Obscure Religions in the Colchis Area.
  • Colchis Taken Over by the Greek Pontus Region.
  • The Roman Empire.
  • Conclusion

Book 2 available


Judah and Ephraim Nations’ Divine Purpose, their Violation of Torah and Covenant of Mercy, the Kinsman Redeemer’s Role, and Movement of the Ten Tribes Out of the Land Israel Into a Further Northern Country.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Divine Purpose of the Judah and Ephraim Nations.
  • Overview of Ephraim Violating Torah.
  • Overview of Judah Violating Torah.
  • Understanding HaShem’s Covenant of Mercy with David.
  • The Role of The Kinsman Redeemer to Save HaShem’s People For Violating Torah.
  • The Movement of the Ten Tribes Out of the Land of Israel Into a Further Northern Country.
  • Issues in the Land of Israel Before Leaving.
  • The First Tribes to Leave the Land.
  • The Immediate Areas of Deportation.
  • Crossing Over the Waters.
  • Life in Assyria.
  • Forced Northward.
  • Settlement in the Land Where Nobody Dwelled.

Book 3 available


Arriving in the Further Northern Country.

  • Introduction
  • The Name “Arsareth”.
  • The Location of “Arsareth”.
  • Arriving in the Geographical Land Area Where Nobody Dwelled.
  • Understanding the Kingdom of Colchis and the Etymology of the Name.
  • Understanding the Kingdom of Iberia and the Etymology of the Name.
  • Understanding the Province of Kartli and the Etymology of the Name.
  • Understanding the City of Mtskheta and the Etymology of the Name.
  • Understanding Herki and the Etymology of the Name (an un-dwelled land that was “bought” by Jews).
  • Conclusion

Book 4 available


The Hebrews in Iberia.

  • Introduction
  • The First Believers in Georgia.
  • Georgian Christians’ Sheer Respect for Jews.
  • The Being of the Early Georgian Jews.
  • Fundamental Reason Georgian Christians Respect Jews.
  • The Prophetic Utterance: Settled as a Peaceable Multitude.
  • The Ten Tribe Exiles Were Divided Into Three Areas at Their Dispersion.
  • Area 1: The Sambatyon River – Bosporus Straight.
  • Area 2: Daphne of Antioch – South-east Turkey.
  • Area 3: The Cloud Which Covered Them – Caucasus Mountain Area.
  • Conclusion

Book 5 available


Biblical Evidence

  • Introduction
  • Evidence of the Presence of Hebrews, Ten Tribes, and Jews in Georgia’s Geographical Area.
  • Geography Category (Understanding what shaped the demographics of the various countries).
  • Recognizable Symbols Category (Megalithic structure HaShem commanded to leave along the migration routes).
  • Historical Behaviour Category (Where does the Union Jack come from as well as Scotland’s emblems).
  • Situation Category (Who are at the ends of the earth?).
  • Blessings Category (Why is South Africa blessed with minerals, diamonds, etc.?).
  • Ancestral Names in General Category.
  • National Characteristics Category (Zebulon futures prominent in SA and other countries that are blessed, why?).
  • Conclusion.

Book 6 available


Historical, Archaeological, Tribal, and Ethnic Affiliation Evidence.

  • Historical, Archaeological and Tribal Evidence
  • Holistic Overview of the Formation of the Nations.
  • Meshech, Tubal, and Togarmah Revealed.
  • Truth and History.
  • Historical Timeline of the Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews In the Greater Caucasus Area as Well as Their Eventual Whereabouts.
    • Timeline starting from 4000 BCE till present, presenting Assyrian, Iranian, Roman, Greek and Jewish historiography to prove that the Israelites dominated the known world at one stage, but modern historians fail to present the truth.
    • Historical facts and evidence are presented to prove that the Israelite deportees and the Scythians/Parthians/Cimmerians are indeed related.
    • That these Scythians/Parthians/Cimmerians moved into Europe and from there into the rest of the world.

Book 7 available


Social, Cultural, Linguistical, and National Characteristical Evidence

  • Demographics of Georgia and the Caucasus Area.
  • Holistic Overview of Peoples With Israelite Origin.
  • Most of the Peoples from the Caucasus are Israelites.
  • The Bukharan Jews’ Influence.
  • Khazaria, Atil and Sarkel.
  • Dagestan.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Caucasian Albania.
  • Abkhazia.
  • Armenia.
  • Ossetia.
  • Mountain Jews.
  • Georgia.
  • Conclusion.

Book 8 available


Mythological Evidence

  • Background.
  • What are Legends?
  • What are Myths?
  • What are Folktales?
  • What Are the Differences Between Legends, Myths and Folktales?
  • Legends about Georgia as God’s Land.
  • Reasons for the Vast Amount of Myths.
  • The Legend of Drinking Out of a Horn.
  • The Legend of Bullfighting and Shuamtoba.
  • The Myth of Ancient Georgian Cosmology.
  • The Legend of the Ten Tribers in Georgia.
  • The Myth of the Golden Fleece and Georgia’s Establishment.
  • The Folktale of the Wishing Tree.
  • The Legend of Saints Day.
  • The Legend of Good Ethics.
  • Final Thoughts: Origin of Myths.
  • Conclusion.

Book 9 available


Physical Similarity Evidence Scientific Evidence

  • Introduction
  • Physical Similarity of the Israelites to the Georgians
  • What is Genetic Genealogy?
  • Why Would Someone Want to Use DNA for Genealogy?
  • What is DNA?
  • What Is a Haplogroup and How Does It Work?
  • How Are Haplogroups Identified?
  • Are There Male and Female Haplogroups?
  • What Haplotypes Are Identified in the Male and Female Haplogroups?
  • What Is the Jews’ Haplogroup?
  • What Are the ‘J’ and ‘E’ Haplotypes?
  • The Secret Things…
  • Why are Genetic Studies On the Israelites Important?
  • Evolving Process of Generic Research
  • The Twelve Tribes’ DNA Dilemma
  • Twelve Tribes and Their DNA
  • Arsareth and the Haplogroups of the Diversed Georgian People
  • Background of the Georgian People
  • The Genetics of the Georgian People
  • Arsareth Confirmed!

Book 10 available


Silent Witnesses: Roads and Pathways

  • Introduction.
  • Etymologies and Definitions:

    • Megaliths, Dolmens and Menhirs.
    • Types of Stone Structures.
    • Types of Dolmens.
  • Why Do Modern People Erect Grave Stones?
  • Stones In the Bible.
  • Rabbis’ Interpretation on the Megaliths.
  • From King Solomon to Christianity.
  • Megalithic Monuments Indicate the Migratory Paths (One route was selected to prove the point as indicated in the countries listed): Israel: Point of Departure, Assyria (Syria), Persia (Iraq / Iran), Turkey, Armenia, Georgia (Arsareth), Russia, Ukraine (Crimea), Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland.
  • Resemblance: Jewish Tombs of Today and The Ancient Dolmens.
  • Conclusion.

Book 11 available


Silent Witnesses Signs and Emblems

  • Introduction
  • Hiding the Truth in Plain Sight is HaShem’s Method
  • What is Judaism’s View on Their Country’s Flag?
  • Is the Union Jack Flag of the United Kingdom Tied to the Ten Tribes?
  • Irish Queen Teia Tephi’s (Britannia) Shield Connected to the Ten Tribes?
  • Is the ‘Red Flag’ the Flag of the Jews?
  • Are the Celtic / Saxon Flags connected to the Israelites?
  • Is the British Coat-of-Arms Connected to the Ten Tribes?
  • Why is the River Between Norway and Russia called ‘Jacob River’?
  • Why Is the Dan Tribe Mysteriously Linked to Ireland?
  • Did the Phoenicians Work for King Solomon’s Fleet?
  • Who Are the Phoenicians Really?
  • Did the Hebrews Arrive 1500+ Years Before Columbus in America?
  • The ‘Israelite-Phoenician’ Came to America First!
  • The Ancient Celts Came to America Thereafter
  • Then the Irish and Welsh Came to America Next
  • The Scandinavians Arrived 500 Years Before Columbus
  • Undeniable Hebrew Artefacts Found In America:

    • The Bat Creek Inscription Evidence
    • The Paraiba Inscription Evidence
    • The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone
    • The America’s Stonehenge Evidence
    • The Ohio Decalogue Stone Evidence
    • The Keystone Evidence
  • Conclusion

Book 12 available


Biblical Prophecies: Section A – Reconciliation, Return and Redemption

  • Introduction
  • What is Christendom’s Mind-set of Eternity?
  • Who Will Dwell in Who’s Tent?
  • Who Will Learn The Scripture From Who?
  • Are People Been Brainwashed Not To Accept Judah’s Authority?
  • Are There Two Wives, One Household, and One Husband Involved in HaShem’s Process?
  • Was Only Judah Married At Mount Sinai, Or All Twelve Tribes, and What is the New Covenant?
  • Clarity on Which Tribes Are Divorced and Who Are Not
  • But Who Is Joseph and More Importantly Is Joseph Alive Today?
  • So Who Am I and Where Do I As a Non-Jew Fit In?
  • How Can I Test Myself If I am Pro-Jewish or Not?
  • What Must the Ephraimites Do to be Accepted by Judah?
  • Can We Bridge Our Differences And Pursue A Defined Goal?
  • What Is the Redemption Outcome?
  • What Is The Secret of Redemption and What is the House of Judah’s Responsibility?
  • Who Must Regather the Ten Tribes, Joseph or Judah?
  • Can Judah Wake To The Most Fundamental Prophecy?
  • Is Judah Preparing and Building The Land?
  • Is the Land of Israel Calling Us?
  • Can There Be Redemption Without a Land?
  • Is Judah Starting to Realise That He Needs Ephraim?
  • Is There a Continuous Cry For the Re-awakening of Lost 10-Israel?
  • Does Israel Hope the ‘Lost Tribes’ Can Boost the Jewish Numbers?
  • Conclusion

Book 13 available


Biblical Prophecies: Section B – Reconciliation, Return and Redemption

  • Introduction.
  • Was Israel Born in a Day?
  • Israelites Coming Out of the Land of the North and All Countries Where They Had Been Banished.
  • What Part Does the Land Play in the ‘Redemption Plan’?
  • The Shepheard is Calling His People.
  • What Must Ephraim Do?
  • How Must We Become One Entity?
  • Ezekiel’s Two Sticks are Becoming One – The Return of the Shechinah.
  • The Returning of the Scattered Ten Tribes of Israel.
  • Is The House of Israel in the Process of Returning?
  • Will King Solomon’s Empire Be Restored?
  • Will Many Nations be Joined With HaShem?
  • Is There Concrete Proof of the Tribes Starting Coming Home?
  • Ephraim’s Area of Settling in the Land.
  • Conclusion.

Book 14 available


Biblical Prophecies: Section C – Reconciliation, Return and Redemption

  • Are the ‘Jews’ and ‘Israel’ by Definition Synonymous?
  • The Ancient Gentile People’s Way of Redemption.
  • The Intricate Plan for Our Redemption Ordained Before the Creation.
  • Abraham the Point of Departure for the ‘Marriage’ Plan.
  • HaShem Brought His Bride From Out of Egypt and Proposed to Her.
  • Israel then Chose Harlotry and Turned their Backs on HaShem.
  • HaShem Eventually Ran Out of Patience and Divorced Israel.
  • Israel and Judah in an Allegorical Account in Hosea’s Life.
  • Chronological Order Summary of HaShem’s Mysterious Plan.
  • HaShem Promised that He will Remarry the House of Israel – Ten Israel.
  • Can HaShem Violate His Own Rules and Instructions in the Torah?
  • What Is the Mechoqeck Rabbis’ Verdict to Deal With an Adulterous Woman?
  • What Do the Mechoqeck Rabbis Say Concerning Remarriage of an Adulterous Woman?
  • Does the Bible Encourage a Person to Be Single – a Divorcee?
  • How Will HaShem Remarry Divorced Ten Israel?
  • Is there an Answer to this Mysterious Mystery Locked Away for Ages?
  • Is This Mystery Hidden for Ages?
  • The Spanner in the Works.
  • HaShem Encoded the Two-House Message Throughout Scripture.
  • The Two Pictures of the Messiah in the TaNaCh?
  • Conclusion


  • What are the Customs Required for a Divorcee or a Widow to Remarry?

Book 15 available


The Messianic Era: Conditions

  • Introduction.
  • Overview of the Messianic Era.
  • The Timing of the Messianic Era.
  • Hebrew Eschatology Overview.
  • Reasons for a Messianic Era.
  • What Will Activate the Messianic Era?
  • The Earth Will Be Changed at the Beginning of the Messianic Age?
  • HaShem Lift His Hand and His People.
  • HaShem Forms a Spring.
  • HaShem Digs a River Bed.
  • HaShem Divides the Great City.
  • HaShem Splits the Water.
  • HaShem Heals the Eastern Sea.
  • HaShem Weaves a Basket.
  • HaShem Waters His Bread Basket.
  • HaShem Fills His Breadbasket.
  • The Earth Prepared for the Israelites to Return.
  • Israelites Return to Jerusalem From the Four Corners of the Earth.
  • An Ensign is Raised to the Nations to Gather the Tribes.
  • Journey to the Promised Land.
  • Gentiles To Aid the Israelites.
  • All Tribes of Israel Restored Into the Holy Land.
  • HaShem, Moshiach and King David Predicament.
  • The Manifestation of Moshiach in the Millennium.
  • Description and Character Trends of the Moshiach.
  • HaShem Takes Israel As Wife Again.
  • Zion, the City of David and Jerusalem.
  • Zion and the Earthly Jerusalem the Gathering Place.
  • Greater Zion Flourishes in the Wilderness.
  • Zion Described.
  • HaShem Will Dwell In Zion and Jerusalem.
  • Zion Will Be Glorious.
  • The Heavenly Jerusalem.
  • New Boundaries of Israel and Jerusalem.
  • Israel as The King’s Subjects in the Millennium.
  • Conclusion.

Book 16 available


The Messianic Age: Structure

  • Torah: The Eternal Constitution of the World.
  • Torah: Changed to a Deeper Dimension.
  • Holistic Overview of the Messianic Age Structure.
  • Moshiach’s Kingdom Will Be Earthly.
  • The Structure of the Kingdom.
  • The Kingdom’s Administration.
  • The Nations and Worship.
  • Characteristics and Dynamic of the Kingdom.
  • What Will the Earth Be Like?
  • The General Living Conditions.
  • Quick References for Conditions Within the Messianic Era.
  • Jerusalem and It’s People Described.
  • Israel and It’s People Described.
  • Cleansing of the Land During the First Years in the Olam Haba.
  • Messianic Age Temple Overview.
  • Description of the Messianic Age Temple.
  • Living Water Will Flow From the Temple.
  • Temple Priests and Ordinances.
  • Object of the Messianic Age Reign.
  • End of the Seventh Thousand Year: The Messianic Era Closure.
  • Conclusion.

Book 17 available


All Things Made New

  • Introduction.
  • All Things Made New Overview.
  • The Purification Process.
  • The New Jerusalem City.
  • The Occupants Of The New Jerusalem.
  • Living Conditions.
  • Seven Names For The City Of HaShem.
  • Twelve Blessings For Man On The New Earth.
  • The Holy City, The New Jerusalem.
  • Only Torah-Observant Believers Allowed In The New Jerusalem City.
  • Life In the Eternal City.
  • The Bible Explains The Enigma Of The Sphinx And Pyramid Of Giza.
  • Who Built The Pyramids Of Giza?
  • Background And Statistics Of The Giza Pyramids.
  • Names Of The Three Stars In Orion’s Belt.
  • The Background And Statistics Of The Giza Sphinx.
  • The Age Of The Sphinx.
  • Meaning Of The Word Pyramid.
  • The Astonishing Accuracy Of The Giza Pyramids.
  • The Construction Material Of The Giza Pyramids.
  • The Site Of The Giza Pyramids.
  • The Chambers Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza.
  • Engineering Of The Known Interior Chambers.
  • Did They Find Any Egyptian Hieroglyphics As In The Other Pyramid?
  • The Capstone Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza.
  • The Eight Sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Is The Giza Pyramids A Holy Place? Isaiah’s Altar In The Middle Of Egypt.
  • The Torah Calls For Two Witnesses.
  • The Coffer Inside the Great Pyramid.
  • Isaiah’s Altar In Egypt Decoded In The Hebrew Text.
  • The Pyramid Altar Concept: Isaiah’s Sign And Witness.
  • Is the New Jerusalem a Cube or a Pyramid?
  • Conclusion on the Pyramid of Giza.
  • Into Eternity.
  • Conclusion.

More on our plans

During the years of our work we have produced a substantial historiography on the subject. This enhanced historiography will allow us to enter a new stage of research to detail the reconstruction of the described events and trace the deep connections between ancient Israelites and their modern generations’ locations.
We also intend to establish bonds and a vibrant connection to people related to the Ten Tribes, who possess knowledge and a will to take part in the process of bonding with the representatives of the Jewish communities of the different continents, and bound together by their common roots, both the culture and religious aspects.
We have already received letters with the stories and memories about families and their roots from various people from many different countries. They are all bound together by their ancestors’ will to return home.

  1. At the core of our project is our dedication to create the international forum for people aiming to reconstruct historical events and to discuss life reports from our contemporaries.
  2. In order for the portal to be alive and prosper we intend to continue research expeditions to all places and routes described in the chronicles, create contacts with Jewish representatives from around the world and connecting them with each other.
  3. For the purposes of scientific research we intend to combine the approaches and results of national historiography on the basis of documents from the archives of more than 20 countries.
  4. The core purpose for the working group in the coming period is to develop an algorithm of interaction with large foreign archives, institutes and research centers involved in this mega-project.
  5. Information obtained during the investigation can be purposed to update and improve not only historical documents but also social literature, religious literature, and to work with websites that describe the current problems of Jewish history and the history of international relations in the framework of the formation of a pluralistic Jewish community.

Study trips

We are really proud of what has been achieved already!
The aim of our research trip to a group of Balkan countries was to become acquainted with the initial stages of the mysterious ancient route the exiles took from their Native Land Israel. The findings of these studies have also formed the basis for the writing of the historical and chronological cycles ‘Chronicle’.

In the countries of the Caucasus Mountains region, we have spent more than a year, meeting with scientists and university professors, famous archaeologists and culturists, and museum managers, focusing on Jewish history and their cultural traditions. From these meetings and discussions, it became evident that in the Caucasus region there is a deep respect for the Jews, a favourable environment for their development and, most importantly, there are active people who are promoting projects related to the development of Jewish education.

On the photo: Meetings were conducted with Prof (Dr) Guram Kipiani of Ilia State University concerning this “mysterious” topic.

Researching on religion in this region we were able to meet with Rabbis of local synagogues, with representatives of the Jewish local communities to learn about their life in the Jewish diaspora far away from their beloved homeland, and presented them with informational material about the projects of our Israeli partners: the “Commonwealth of Israel” and the “Kol HaTor Establisment”.

On the photo: Prof. Liebenberg with Head Rabbi of the Tbilisi Main Ashkenazi Synagogue – Rabbi Rosemlad Aermhelly

In our expeditions to remote villages in the mountainous areas we were able to get acquainted with the locals, the mountaineers, who even today carefully observe the traditions of their Israelite ancestors.

A trip to Green Lake in the region of Adjara (Georgia) for us was almost the zenith of the research – the gateway to the mysterious “Arsareth”. Here the unique monuments of their ancient culture are still gathered. It is here where the most mysterious “land covered by dark clouds”, as described in the pages of the Bible, starts. The place where the ancient Tribes of Israel once settled. Here the Israelites were able to find a secured place and enjoy a safe haven. Everything needed by them to be nourished and sustained for life is provided here by God. For the ancient travelers, this place became their temporary and safe home, before venturing in search for a new life to the western European frontiers in fulfilment of Biblical prophecies.

On the photo: Prof Lortkiphanidze is the head of the History and Judaism/Jewish Studies Faculty.( Georgia, Tbilisi State University)

On the photo: During my trip to Mtskheta (Georgia) I managed to find a small church which was built on the foundations of an ancient synagogue. In the photo with me is the caretaker of the historical site – Alexander Taj – who devoted his life to this site.

On the photo: Official handover of the Yosef is Alive brochure to the elder at the Tbilisi Main Ashkenazi Synagogue. Photo taken inside their synagogue in front of the Ark Curtain where the Torah is kept.

On the photo: Adjara district to the Arsiani Mountain Ridge…

It should also be noted that this present generation “still remembers the old names” of their townships, wetlands, forests, “fortified” sites in the vicinity of their villages, ancient legends and their traditions.

Actually, Georgia is a wonderful place that is worth a visit! In the autumn we will be prepared by an informative report on other countries of the Baltic region, with the results of our expedition.

The project is not a commercial one; it is designed to enable a strong humanitarian impact.

Humanity successfully develops returning civilizations and people, fulfilling certain social roles
and functions in the global society. But even with this natural change of cyclic processes of society and the
freedom to define themselves, for each of the nations there is an irreversible pre
chosen historical path.


Every two weeks our readers will find new topics from the project creators

Download or read on-line separated chapters from the cycle.

Feedback from our readers

Jerusalem: Rabbi Avraham Feld: “You have been a defender of Israel and the Bible for most of your life. Your sincerity in academic scientific research is steadfast, reliable and your compassion permeates all of life’s activities. Prof Liebenberg, you are a professional teacher, educator and an expert in several fields of endeavor. We have been taking note of your achievements and one of the fields in which you exceed is the study of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. You have accumulated a great wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding on this very involved and specialized field. You have done academic scientific research which is rich in fascinating insights on Ten-Israel. Your research has now undoubtedly proven academically what the Sages and Prophets of the Bible have said for years.

On behalf of the House of Judah in Israel, we thank you for your time, dedication and remarkable research. You work proves now for the first time in a methodical ‘scientifically’ researched work, covering every thinkable area, the historical existence and scattering of Ten-Israel. You don’t find academic leaders often that are passionate about Ten-Israel. We consider you as our dear friend. Continue your academic scientific research for the eminent Reconciliation and Restoration of Ten-Israel to the Kingdom of Israel. We cannot overstress how important your scientific work is to confirm what the Sages advocated for thousands of years.”
Jerusalem: OvadYah Avrahami: “VERY IMPRESSIVE! Thank you that you carry the Reconciliation Vision to the nations. You are really doing exceptional work. How do we thank you?… HaShem will surely.”
Georgia (Europe): David Ben Melekh (Jirkvalidze): “I have carefully read your scientific and theological research studies concerning the scattering of the ten tribes of Israel, and the historical unfolding events of the two kingdoms. It is the first real historical exposition from a very honest, intelligent and humane scholar, for whom the truth and prospects of a civilized development are more important than time and erroneous political situations. Your Institute, The Hebraic Teaching Group (HTG) in South Africa, is also the only true Hebraic Restorer and does a great job. In your research you really made a big breakthrough in the presentation of the ‘real’ placement of Jews around the globe. The story outlined by you regarding the Scythians and Alans and their role in the history of the Jewish people of Iberia, Caucasian and European countries, including Western Europe and England, is much more thorough and real than any before. Much more is assimilated in the sense of the tribes of Jacob, than the renowned researcher Arthur Koestler (Jewish Hungarian descent who later relocated for a period to Israel). I looked at the photos of your trips into the Arsiani Mountains and think that you have undoubtedly collected valuable material, and I agree with you that settlers from Israel lived in the whole territory you identified as Arsareth in your research. Your research will definitely contribute to the mental healing, spiritual development, the growth, and the realization of spiritual unity of the Jewish and of the human race, and finding mutually acceptable compromises to create peaceful living conditions and the development of civilization on our planet. Bravo, Professor!”
Canada: Dr David Sloss: “It is the esteem of Elohim to hide a matter; And the esteem of sovereigns to search out a matter.’ Proverbs 25:2 (Scriptures Version – ISR). Albert Einstein stated, ‘One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.’

The search for that comprehensibility, particularly as it relates to the hidden nature of the Tribes of the Diaspora from Israel, has been of little interest for millennia. It has remained a hole in the chronology of this nation. But in more recent times, those who comprehend the Scriptures in their purest form, see a whole area of Biblical history which lies unexplored. Where did the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel end up settling after their captivity by the Assyrians in or about 722 BCE? One interim destination, as Dr. W.A. Liebenberg’s research is disclosing, is in the area of current day Georgia, lying between the Black and Caspian Seas. Here local histories, historians and religious leaders are sharing information which linguistically, religiously and culturally demonstrates clear Hebraic connections to very specific locations. The three part report on this research is sufficient to whet the appetite of those who have long wondered what lies within this unaccounted for period in Biblical history. We anticipate look forward to additional discoveries which further ‘search out the matter.’”
South Africa: Dr Levi Marx: “The research section about the Megalithic Monuments and dolmens as commanded to be left as road-markers by the Ten Tribes, had me in total awe! This topic inspired me for further studies towards a Ph.D.”
Britain: Peadar OCeallaigh:
“In my inner growth, my professional experience and my academic study I find your books to be accurate and compatible with Irish, Scottish and British history and Saxon and Scandinavian histories”.
USA: Rick Pate: “What you might not realize is your research is an answer from The Almighty to my prayers. It is such a blessing to have your teachings in my library to resource when I need them. I have been gleaning from your institute’s work for years. It is your work, some professors out of Jerusalem and about five teachers out of the US that I glean from, that works with my servitude.”
Cape Town: Paul Mare: “The amount of research done is astonishing. Impressed and I respect hugely. It is more incisive than anything I have ever read before, I am blown away…”
Ex Scotland: Ed Garner: “Part 5 is wonderful and, for a Scotsman, truly engrossing. It gave me a powerful insight into my Jewish roots. If you are of scattered Israel, here is HaShem’s voice into your life, through His prophets. Part 7 brought back so many memories for me of my past life in Scotland. It also answered questions of history and personal observation which no previous source or person ever could.”
Pretoria: Abraham Meintjes: “The Ten Tribes research from Georgia is perceived by me to be pioneering groundwork for our time period on G-d’s time scale. I have read Report no 5 with great and fascinated care. Wow, what an exciting report! It is a critical report which crowns the spiritual, geographic and sociocultural anthropology insights of many over the ages, but suppressed by so many agendas! Thank you very much. The Ten Tribes research conducted by our respected Dr. W Liebenberg is to me of tremendous help and your research continues to broaden and detail valuable historical and other evidence. There is so much that can be done with the Ten Tribes research.”
Meyerton: George Jonker: “Great work! I envy you for your achieving it.”
Johannesburg: Daleen Engelbrecht: “I am so excited about the work, it is awesome!”
Durban: Koos Niemann: “By using the research material I can now challenge people on their traditions, to acknowledge that Judah has a major part to play in the unification process to re-unite the two houses. We are very excited about this ground-breaking research that you have done.”
Georgia Government Project: Mari Papunidze: “Your research content is a pleasure to read.”
LaVonne Jacobsen: “I have read and studied most of Prof. Liebenberg’s studies and really love them. I have learned a tremendous amount.”
South Africa: Martha Theron: “I am so excited about the facts written in these books because they teach me, that although I cannot trace my ancestry I know for a fact that through the Scriptures I have been chosen by Elohim and I have been blessed by being grafted into the olive tree, as well as having the possibility of being a descendant of one of the tribes. The research takes you on a wonderful journey through the history of Israel’s ancient paths leading to their dispersion into the world. The torture techniques that the ten tribes were confronted with upon their arrival in the Assyrian empire had me literally in tears. Thank you for taking me on this wonderful journey of history of the ten tribes of Israel.”

NB. Unfortunately it should be noted…

The Jewish history has been tragic to the extreme, and for the people of Israel to preserve their traditions and culture, it was consistently given with great dedication and effort. 2700 years ago, the Kingdom was divided, and from there the beloved Israelites were expelled from their native land and these fragmented people are not yet reconciled, a process that is now starting. In the process of the dramatic historical events they were assimilation into the foreign nations and integration with their surrounding society, even so in the dissolution of some of these nations. The question is, where are these millions of people? How did they realize their fate in their foreign countries of settlement? How must they prevent their further assimilation by risking losing their ultimate identity and to strengthen their fundamental original Jewish identity?

This part of the history of the Jews has always deeply worried me. My main aspiration and purpose, as a researcher of Hebrew history challenged me to penetrate deep into the historical events that led to the disappearance of millions of Israelites off the face of the earth. So I started to study and set out a “Chronicle” of Israel’s history from the time of King Solomon. It is well known that there is a “big historical hole” present in the past and present historians’ individual and separate recordings. A more complete and systematically chronological historical reconstruction, backed by scientific evidence, was crucially needed, therefore this research. The reconstruction of the historical limitations was taken from the time when the Twelve-Tribe Kingdom of Israel existed through the timeline when the Twelve-Tribe Kingdom split up into two separate Kingdoms – one a Ten-Tribe Kingdom and the other a Two-Tribe Kingdom – to the point when the Ten-Tribe Israel Kingdom “so-called” mysteriously disappeared. This Ten-Tribe Israel Kingdom’s people disappeared into the nations in the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, and their roots and fate caused a lot of controversy amongst the many groups of Jewish people concerning their family ties. To many of these scattered people their own ancestry past and identity are still unknown.

In the process of writing this extensive research cycle – “The Chronicles of the Disappearance and Emerging of the Ten Tribes” – I visiting many of the countries where the Israelites migrated through and was able to collect and analyze the archaeological and historical materials that help to reveal the ancient events, raise archival texts, fragments of memoirs, diaries and other private evidence, analyze quotations from ancient books, as to coalesce a first “A-Z” academic research backed by scientific evidence. Of course, I tried to bring this research to my contemporaries as well as to provide the prophecies of the Bible and historical realities also in plain language for the non-academic reader as far as possible. All the historical evidence or Biblical chronicles are set out in a sphere in accordance with current scientific knowledge and thinking.

So, it’s a cycle consisting of 16 books, which is structured in successive chronicle events and evidence, and hopefully will be comfortable enough to understand. All the necessarily Biblical descriptions are explained in footnotes to add clarity.

After spending many days on business trips and visits to the various places on the migration routes of the ancient tribes, I was able to explore areas to recreate their travels. Vivid marks and signs are present on these routes, allowing identifying the fate of the exiles to their new places of residence. Their lives and their desperate search for a new land is a visual history of “spiritual resistance”, together with their “constant courageous idealism and  uncompromising faith” in the victory of good over evil. All this is planted deeply in the beloved Jewish people.

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