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Reconciliation of the Two Houses of Israel

What if you were part of the Greatest Event now taking shape in the World?

For the first time in 2700 years  ….

         THIS is happening …..!


IMPORTANT GUIDE LINE – Truth is generally hidden – and God employs this strategy to bless those who really seek. In this way Moses received the Great Blessing of being appointed to proclaim the Torah – for he was the only person passing the burning Bush, to notice that this was no ordinary fire. On investigating it, God told him that he was standing on Holy ground before the Almighty! Similarly, the 2nd part of this video, regarded by the casual viewer as ‘dry’ and ‘long winded’. contains a hidden message of Divine Intervention in the production of this video. For those who care, please ensure that you READ every word in that 2nd half of this video. You are bound to be emotionally crushed by it – as many viewers experience. Jewels of Truth are hidden like all real treasure in life!


If YOU are in any way linked or attracted to Israel, its people and the Torah, then YOU may well be part of the current fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy which predicted the Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of the God of Israel in a Greater Israel Land mass – between the Two Rivers’ – from the Nile to the Euphrates!  

That makes YOU a Divinely elected candidate for citizenship of  the Universal Kingdom of the God of Israel!

King Solomon ruled over such an Empire in the 10th century BCE – a World Empire.  The World collosos was then destroyed for diregarding of the Torah Covenant with God and the nation was exiled into oblivion amongst the nations – with just the Tribe of Judah (the Jews) remaining identified, notwithsatnding their exile also.  But God promised to re-identify the Lost 10 Tribes amongst the nations in the End Times and to return them to their original Homeland – the Land of Israel, the Promised Land.

  • If you feel drawn to the Israelite nation,
  • if you have an urge to visit or stay in Israel,
  • if you have been accepting Torah principles in your worship of God  
  • if you have a feeling of care and protection toward Israel and its Jewish people,
    • then YOU may be one of those exiled Israelites whom God is calling Home also as promised by Him for the End Times under Oath of His Greatness. There are millions of people across the world today who share your feelings. Why not become one with this great Family of people? This Web Site can help you to become part of the Commonwealth of Israel (COI). The Hebrew Scriptures and the Promise to Abraham and the patriarchs of Israel refer to this End Time Blessing as ‘Melo ha’Goim’ – the ‘Fulness of the Gentiles‘. YOU are then part of the Greatest Event promised in the Bible – both in the Tanach (Old Testament) and by the New Testament – COI will guide you into the hidden secrets of this Great End Time Phenomenon!

ALL humans welcome – if you hear the Divine Call to Return!

ALL who are prepared to subject themselves to the Torah Covenant of the God of Israel according to His Requirememnts and Specifications as defined in the Torah (the Word of God). The establishing of this Kingdom (according to His Word, the Scriptures of the Bible) requires that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel (defined in Scripture as ‘The House of Israel’) be returned from their exile amongst the nations to the Land of their forefathers and be re-united with the ‘House of Judah’ (the Jews). This ‘Second Exodus’ forms the Main Theme of Bible Prophecy predicted for ‘The End Time’.

Click here for more details and to register on the ‘Yosef is Alive’ List

Do you hear the Call?  This amazing Phenomenon is now in process throughout the World and may well be the reason why YOU are visiting this Web Site.

So what is in all this for YOU?  ….

What is required of you? …

COI Reconciliation Projects strive to further this Reconciliation and re-uniting of the House of Judah with the re-identifying and re-awakening House of 10-Israel.

COI will assist you with Scriptural evidence, information and guidance to prepare for the establishing of this Universal Kingdom which requires Reconciliation between these two greatly divided and opposing Houses of Israel.

You will find here, on one Web Site:

  • Vast sources of Biblical information presented by Associates of the COI Vision, from which you can select.
  • The expositions on this sensational topic, from 3 platforms:

The re-identifying House of 10-Israel which is rising across the Globe (referred to in the Bible as  Ephraim / Yoseph).

The house of Judah (Jews) – Guardians of the Word of God for 3500 years, as exposed by God to Moses and the Prophets of the Bible.

COI – with representatives from both Houses, striving to establish Reconciliation between these 2 Houses of Israel which have been greatly divided since 2700 years ago when the Israel World Empire under King Solomon broke up in two opposing factions and eventually became exiled across the world.

  • Events, conventions, projects for promoting this vision internationally and to help you to Return.
  • A Book Store with selected publications by informed authors on the topic.

CONNECT … Interact with members, share and consider ideas of both Houses of Israel (i.e. Judah & Ephraim/ Yoseph/10 Lost Tribes)  regarding Reconciliation through 3 Forums – representing Judah, Ephraim and COI.

LEARN AND SHARE … Acquaint yourself with the Vision and Views of Reconciliation and Redemption as expressed by both sides and as suggested by COI to work for and achieve:

The Vision of Yosef/Ephraim/10-Israel  –  Judah  –  COI (Where the 2 Sticks Unite).

Studies and Commentaries by Yosef/Ephraim/10-Israel  –  Judah  –  COI (Where the 2 Sticks Unite).

PARTICIPATE … add your voice and make reconciliation a reality by supporting and promoting COI Reconciliation  information and Projects – Go to ‘Projects’ on the Menu and select where you wish to fit in, particpate, co-operate or support.

DISCOVER  … enlightening insights, news and opportunities:

3 Sources of Info,  3 Libraries  – from a wide representation of both sides by scholars and informed enthusiasts who truly seek Reconciliation.  You will find answers to your puzzling questions and you are invited to share your insight into this all embracing topic.


You are invited to contact us and to share and present your views and suggestions on a mature and non-aggressive platform:

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CAUTIONARY NOTICE – It is the foundational principle of the COI Promotions that there shall be NO missionizing of Jews on the part of Messianic believers and no attempts at conversion to Judaism by Jews or any other party.


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