The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!

by Steven M. Collins.

 History Review.  

628 pages of well-documented information on the history of the Ten Tribes  (referrd to as ‘The House of Israel ‘in the Bible – also Ephraim or Yosef). History researcher Steven Collins presents a monumental Testimony to a fact which historians have hidden and even the Bible bears scant witness to: the historic Fact that the Kingdoms of David and Solomon reached a peak that put the Israel Kingdom on a level of the Super Power Empires of history!

Collin’s writings masterly reveal from hidden and unpopular historic sources details of the new empires and kingdoms founded by the tribes of Israel during their migrations in exile from the Land and their locations among the modern nations! This book also includes much information about the presence of the Israelites in ancient North America as well as segments about the migrations and modern locations of the ancient Assyrians. Due to the animosity that raged between the House of Judah and the Torah rejecting 10 Northern Tribes of Israel (after Solomon), the House of Judah, who was responsible for the recording of the Scriptures of the Bible, seemingly did not care to record 10-Israel’s history after their rejection and exile by the God of Israel. In masterly fashion the author uses the scant evidence of the Tanach (OT) to confirm the might and the glory of the ancient World Empire of Israel, e.g. that King David had an army of 1.5 million fighting men! And that Solomon’s fleet returned laden with gold from across the earth once in 3 years and that his empire stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates! More than 600 pages of astonishing evidence ignored by the academic and theological masters of the world! A MUST READ fo anyone who really wishes to know what history entails – in order to better understand the Supreme Plan of the God of Israel for humanity – His loving Creation.

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