LIVE Radio Program: Ephraim & Judah in open conversation

 Non Messianic Open Discussion between Judah & Ephraim

The reconciliation of the Two Houses of Israel will require numerous things, one of which is dialogue between the parties.  Having been separate for over 2,700 years, each has developed a hardened position with regard to the other.  It is time for brothers to once again walk, talk, and act like brothers…and HUMBLY approach each other in the process of overcoming their differences.  Today’s show is a step in that direction, with 2 representatives of Judah and 2 from Ephraim, getting together for a heart-to-heart talk about the process of rapprochement.


Ephraim represented by Stephen Spykerman, co-founder COI Reconciliation Projects and Gene Porter, Radio presenter.

Judah represented by Rabbi Avraham Feld and OvadYah Avrahami, founders of KOL HATOR Vision

Two hours of discussion – 9 Febuary 2017 at  If you catch the Live Show at   10.00 CST (16.00 GMT)  you will be able to phone in and raise your questions. Thereafter the recorded program will be available in the archive at the same URL address, which is:

LIVE  at following Time:

USA – CST  10.00

Europe GMT  16.00

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