Kol HaTor – The Voice of the Turtledove

The process of redemption according to the Kabbalah

Authored by R. Hillel Rivlin Mishklov
Commentaries by R. Yechiel Bar-Lev

There are probably two basic questions Jews have recycled and asked for literally centuries: Is it good for the Jews? And, when (and under what circumstances) is Mashiach coming?
In this scarcely known text by the Gaon of Vilna’s grand-nephew and disciple, Rabbi Hillel Shaklover, probably the best and most detailed answer extant to the second question is given. And yes, of course, the implication is that it will be good for the Jews-though the passage to Mashichut and Geulah requires difficult preliminary steps, including great battles (both metaphysical and physical) and extraordinary deeds and Mitzvot.

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