2017 Shavuot COI Reconciliation Conference
21-23 May, 2017

Can these Bones Live?
Can these Bones Live?

COI presents its 2nd Reconciliation Conference.

This 3-day Convention co-incides with the Jerusalem 2017 international Jubilee celebrations commemorating the 1967 Jerusalem liberation.

This follows the 2016 historic-first gathering when, for the first time after 2 700 years of Division between Judah and the 10-Tribed House of Israel,  Judah and Ephraim faced each other in a Peace Reconciliation Meeting in Jerusalem. It was a historic moment when representatives of the two sides, including Rabbis and Ten Tribers, symbolically handed each other the  2 Sticks of Ezekiel 37 in pursuance of Re-uniting the two Divided factions of Israel.  Refer the video elsewhere on this Web Site

JOIN the International Peace gathering Shavuot 2017.
TIME for Redemption and Re-dedication

Reconciliation IS possible!!

But it calls for Reconciliation between Judah and Yoseph – and recognition and acceptance of Yoseph by Judah and of Judah by Ephraim.  A 3-day conference during which we delve deeply into these issues followed by Jerusalem Day Liberation celebrations, Day tours and formal events with the opportunity to participate in the Shavuot (Pentecost) festivities.


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