Divine Miracles in protection of Israel

“Cloud protecting Israel soldiers ” on Syrian border goes viral

5.3 million views in 3 days!


Miracles in Wars in which Israel is involved are nothing new! Do a Google search and see. The 1967 Six Day War was so miraculous on every front that Military Institutions of the world admit that they cannot extract any guidelines from it for being a Miracle War – not a normal War. This one on Thursday 1 Dec. 2016, for some reason, went viral. People search for such ‘signs’ to prove God. The greatest Sings pass them by, e.g. the miracles in the mere existence of Nature which can ONLY result from a Creative Mind and Power behind it. And the Miracle that passes even the understanding of those who are intricately involved in just such a Super Miracle, viz. the Return to Torah principles by multi millions of non-Jewe, who were former anti-Torah and who currently are still much anti-Rabbinic. This Miracle is part of the Final Events predicted in the Main but much hidden Theme of the Bible; i.e. the Restoration of Israel. The Return of Judah to its Homeland after millennia of brutal persecution, which forms part of this Final Event, should rate as the single most convincing proof of a Living God Who claims to be the God of israel. But it passes the recognition by the world like a mist cloud evaporating before the sun. The even greater Event of the re-identification and Reteurn of the ‘Lost’ House of Israel (10 Tribes) escapes the recognition by even the House of Judah today as well as the very re-identifying Returnees who ‘kick against the pricks’ of subjecting themselves to their Hebrew (Judah led) ancient religious identity.

The fact that these Miracles happen in the favour of Israel is seen by Jew haters as a sign of the ‘dictatorial race discriminating God’ of the Jews. See article below. So, Baruch HaShem for those 5 million that do run viral with this latest miracle – or is it? The Miracle of 10-Israel’s Return stands unshakable for those who want to see it. And for those who oppose it, let it be known that no Force in the World is going to stop it!

The following interesting report is from Nov. 2012. The current Event can be seen in the video at this Link: Cloud protects Israeli soldiers

November 2012
Today, the IDF launched Operation Pillar of Defense to stem the tide of rockets from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Where does the name come from? In Hebrew, the campaign has been dubbed עמוד ענן (“Amud Anan,” or “Pillar of Cloud”). The phrase is a direct biblical allusion to the divine cloud which guided the Israelites through the desert and shielded them from those who might do them harm. As a couple representative verses from Exodus 14:19-20 state:

Then the angel of God, who had been traveling in front of Israel’s army, withdrew and went behind them. The pillar of cloud also moved from in front and stood behind them, coming between the armies of Egypt and Israel.

The midrash on this section—which is cited by Rashi, the most famous Jewish biblical commentator, and taught in many Hebrew schools—elaborates:

They [the Egyptians] shot arrows and catapult stones at them, but the angel and cloud caught them.

For a campaign intended to halt the barrage of rockets currently raining down on southern Israel, “Pillar of Cloud” is thus a particularly apt title. Just as the cloud protected the Israelites from Egyptian projectiles, so to does the IDF hope to protect Israel’s citizens. However, a literal translation of עמוד ענן—i.e. “Pillar of Cloud”—fails to convey the meaning of the biblical allusion to a lay audience. As such, the IDF chose “Pillar of Defense” as the campaign’s English designation, a conceptual translation which makes clear the intended meaning of the Hebrew.

But don’t tell that to John Cook. Writing at Gawker in a post subtly titled “Israel Names Its New War After Biblical Story About God Terrorizing Egyptians,” Cook—who admits he does not know Hebrew (let alone, one can safely assume, midrash)—lists a few Googled biblical verses in which the pillar of cloud appears and concludes:

So that’s what a Pillar of Cloud is: A worldly instantiation of an all-powerful, vengeful God seeking to demonstrate the primacy of his chosen people, to guide them in their affairs, and to confound their enemies. And that’s what the people who conceived and executed this wave of strikes against Hamas officials and Gazan civilians chose to call them. If anyone was worried about the increasing religious and ethnic fanaticism of the Israeli leadership, they should still be worried. Did Israel launch this attack because there was no other rational route to maintain its security? Or was it pursuing a broader agenda rooted in ancient mysticism?

In light of the above, I think we can safely answer “no.” And perhaps we can also conclude that individuals who know nothing about Judaism should avoid publishing mendacious misreadings of its texts and traditions on prominent web sites.

There is fanaticism here—but it isn’t the fevered fiction conjured by Cook. It’s what inspired Hamas to fire 12,000 rockets at innocent civilians.

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