Conference-Speakers 2017

House of Judah

House of Yosef


Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum

Founder & Director of AZAMRA, Board Member COI

Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov is an internationally-known Torah teacher, author of over twenty-five books, and one of today’s foremost expositors of Chassidut and their practical contemporary relevance in personal growth and wellbeing, preventive healthcare, healing and other vital areas.

AZAMRA is dedicated to global outreach to people of all backgrounds and beliefs through Internet, quality publications and educational programs promoting the study and practice of Torah, healthy lifestyle, environmental responsibility and the pursuit of peace.

Stephen Spykerman

Stephen Spykerman

Author, publisher and main platform speaker, Co-founder COI

Stephen Spykerman is a renowned author on the topic of the whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes in exile since 2700 years ago. He has written some 20 enlightening books on this topic. He is a widely acknowledged commentator and lecturer on this subject,  a consummate communicator and has addressed audiences and conferences in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Malta and Cyprus.

In 2016 Stephen was elected as a Member of the 12-Stone Council of the Commonwealth of Yisrael (COY). He served as the Moderator at the 2016 Shavuot C.O.Y. Conference in Jerusalem. Today he serves as one of the Founders of the newly constituted Commonwealth of Israel Reconciliation Project (COI) which replaced the former.  He has been designated for oversight and responsibility for Ephraim e.g. the House of Israel.


Rabbi Avraham Feld

Founder of Kol HaTor, Board Member COI

Rabbi Feld graduated at the Yeshiva College with studies in Jewish philosophy and psychology, earning his Rabbinic degree in 1983. His activities include extensive research projects for politicians and commentators on several topics. He maintains serious projects of rescue, in which field he holds worldwide reputation. Rabbi Feld is author and co-author of several religious research publications on Biblical topics.

His association with the Kol HaTor Vision and Project draws from his passion for the Biblical Prophetical Promise of the Restoration of the House of Israel.

Photo of Rabbi Avraham Feld meeting with the Lubavitch Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

The Lubavitch Rebbe wanted to personally thank and bless Avraham Feld that he should merit to bring the Jewish youth whom he was dealing with, back onto the right path. After the blessing was bestowed upon him, he requested a further special blessing from “the Rebbe”. It was Avraham’s personal conviction and understanding, from the Bible and the writings of the Jewish sages that many Gentiles were of Israelite descent and that these ‘Lost Israelites’ would one day return to their heritage and to the Land of Israel. The Rebbe’s reply to Avraham’s request was: “Of course they are”. He then blessed Avraham that he should merit to have a good influence on Jews and on Gentiles of Israelite descent in the Prophetic Process of Geulah (Restoration and Redemption of Israel).


Steven Collins

Author and Historian, Board Member COI

Steven Collins unveils the might and the splendour of the mighty Israel World Empire under King David & Solomon. Delving into and quoting from supressed historical sources, powerfully supported by scant but revealing Biblical evidence.


Gene Porter

Seasoned Radio Host formerly with Hebrew Nation Radio, Board Member COI

Currently he hosts his own Internet Radio programs with New Covenant Israel Radio. Through his analytical interviews with Ephraimites and, lately, Judah representatives (including Rabbis), he has been exposed to in-depth thinking on both sides of this Great Controversy of the Division reigning in the  House of the God of Israel. 

Apart from being a speaker in the 2017 Jerusalem Conference. He will also be hosting direct worldwide broadcasting of the entire Conference.  In his own words, Gene describes his passion for this astounding End Time Topic, the Main Promise of the entire Biblical Message, as “the all consuming fire that rages in his belly”.


Rabbi Gedaliah Gurfein

Rabbi Gedaliah Gurfein moved from New York to Jerusalem in 1974 and received rabbinic ordination in 1979. He has been a teacher at Aish HaTorah and Israelite, both in Jerusalem’s Old City. Since 1992 he has worked in Israel’s high tech sector and with film media. Former CEO of  O2T Media, Ltd. (On Second Thought Media), a Jerusalem based commercial film/TV production company, taking original concepts from seed to sapling, and then teaming up with other media partners for further development, production and distribution.

Business executive ref’s:  “Brilliant ahead of his time,…”  “Known chiefly for his creativity, dynamism, intelligence and serial entrepreneurship.” “Gedaliah is one of those unique Characters, that passes through your life and is sure to change your perspective. He is a man with a deep integrity, who motivates people …”


Isaac Heckman

Founder and Executive Director of Serving Others Worldwide, Torah Teacher at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers, Board Member COI

International speaker, teacher, and humanitarian, Isaac Heckman has a long history of working to reunite Ephraim and the lost house of Israel with Judah by teaching Ephraim their Hebrew roots and reintroducing them to their true identity while helping Jews recognize their long lost brothers and how they are returning in repentance seeking to return to Torah and the land.

Isaac is active in taking Torah to the Nations and is the founder of Serving Others Worldwide, a 501(c)3 international humanitarian non-profit focused on showing the Torah in action, revealing how to live out tikkun olam by “sowing seeds of Love through service”, and how all can experience the inherent blessings of returning to Torah!  He is also a board member of the Commonwealth of Israel.


Rabbi Aaron Dovid Poston 

Director of Education and Events for YIBONEH – JERUSALEM

Rabbi Poston directed the Aish HaTorah’s Jerusalem Fellowships Program for over 10 years, the highly successful outreach program for young adults in Israel. He studied in the Talmudic University of Florida as well as the world-renown Yeshivat Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem for 10 years.

He received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Noah Weinberg Zt’zal as well as from The Chief Rabbi of Neve Tzvi (Tel Arza) of Jerusalem HaRav Avroham Kupshitz and learned extensivly under HaRav Yitzchak Berkowitz Shlita, presently The Rosh Kollel of The Jerusalem Kollel known as The Center for Jewish Values as well as with HaRav Yosef Yitzchak Lerner of the Mir Yeshiva.


Aleksandar Veljic

Belgrade, Serbia. Researcher of Holocaust crimes in Yugoslavia, the Ten Tribes, author and translator.

Aleksandar Veljic researched the little-known World War II crimes committed by the Nazi Germans and their allies in the former occupied Yugoslavia. His painstaking research has resulted in several works on the genocide against Serbs and Holocaust of the Jews.  His capital work in English is entitled „Genocide Revealed: New Light on the Massacre of Serbs and Jews Under Hungarian Occupation“.  The book reveals long forgotten facts about the victims of Horthy’s regime in occupied northern Serbia.

In 2008, Aleksandar discovered a forgotten Holocaust site in Perlez village, Serbia.

He is the founder and president of the Holocaust Memorial Society.


Rabbi Yitzhak Naki

Head of Yeshivah Noam Eliezer

Rav Naki’s vision of the Restoration becomes clearly evident from his TV testimony:

“There are groups in Europe and America, people (non-Jews) who really love Israel and want to be in relationship with Israeli people. I believe, this is my job, to be a bridge between these two communities and to tell the orthodox, the Jewish people, that not all the Christian people are really against Israel. These people that really opened the Bible, they know the Word of God, these people really love Israel.”

View the full report here.


Dr. David G. Sloss

Biblical Studies and Theology receiving a PHD in 2000 from the University of Liverpool. Visited just short of 50 countries, teaching pastors and church leaders usually in poor economical circumstances. Been to Uganda the last five years working with the Messianic Congregations of Uganda where leaders are being taught the Torah and pastoral responsibilities from a biblical perspective as well as a love for Israel.  In 2016 affirmed as an Elder of B’ney Yosef North America and function within that framework to help enable those whom God is leading back to a fuller understanding of Scripture and sensing that they may have a connection with Israel.


Joe Livingston

Scotland. Roman Catholic.

Joe is an International Speaker who travels to various countries for Talks and Spiritual Retreats. His Ministry which is authorised by 2 Bishops began in 1993 after a direct call from G-D. He seeks to spread the message of HaShem by the True Love of all Human Beings. Why? Because HaShem IS Love.

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