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COI Reconciliation Icons

These 2 icons representing the 2 Sticks of Ezekiel 37 growing into ONE are used throughout this Website to indicate the source of writing. COI leadership represents both of the Houses of Judah and Ephraim / Yosef.

Redemption, the Main theme of Scripture, calls for reconciliation across the huge divide between these two Houses. With a worldwide Awakening to Torah amongst non-Jews today, this must be the fulfilment of Prophecy about the End Time re-identifying of the 10 Lost Tribes of the House of Israel.

There can be NO Redemption without BOTH Houses reconciling.

The purpose of these identifying icons is not to create division, but to promote Unity. Materials presented by the House of Israel in this process, while promoting Reconciliation may include concepts which are disturbing to Judah – these icons identify and acknowledge this and beg not for acceptance but for mercy while Ephraim is growing in Torah. Judah is respectfully reminded to acknowledge the ‘multi-coloured’ background of spiritual Egypt from which Ephraim, the ‘Captive Brothers of Judah’ is being brought out in ‘The 2nd Exodus’ (Jer. 16:14).

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