Announcing COI’s Full Board of Elders

The twelve members of the COI Board of Elders have now all been elected and appointed.

It is with great pride and thankfulness that we introduce this erudite and widely experienced Team to assist in the Task of promoting the End Time Reconciliation without which there can be no Final Redemption. COI can confidently state that it is the ONLY organization that truly features top representatives from both sides and all inbetween.  This team is equally divided between the Two striding factions of the House of Zion.  We offer on ONE platform:

  • Ephraimite leaders,
  • Jews (Rabbis), the guardians of God’s Oracles,
  • Jewish Ephraimtes, and
  • Ephraimite Jews

and ALL are imbued with ONE uniting desire: To further Peace in the House of Zion in order to restore the Fallen Tabernacle of David.

Click here to see who these Board members are and how they are involved – complete with Links to their individual web Sites and Activities in this End Time Proclamation.  While great differences in theological interpretation remain between them, they set the pace and the example of how Reconciliation IS possible based on agreement on 5 Uniting Factors.  These factors form the foundation stones of ultimate Truth.  Then we need to agree to disagree on those factors which we do not agree upon  and we all should trust HaShem to bring ultimate Unity with time, as we build His House, Nation and Kingdom together.  Beyond these Uniting Factors there is no place in His environment for division which leads to unfounded hatred.

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