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Representing the Stick of Ephraim / Yoseph / 10-Israel

Stephen Spykerman

Representing the Stick of Ephraim / Yoseph / 10-Israel
Representing the Stick of Judah

OvadYah Avrahami

Representing the Stick of Judah

Author, publisher and main platform speaker

STEPHEN J SPYKERMAN was born in September 1940 during the Nazi occupation of Holland. His parents were Catholics of Jewish origin and he was the fourth son of seven children with a Dutch father and an English mother. The family escaped the Holocaust due to his parent’s Catholic religion plus the fact that his mother was English and thus she was seen as the English rather than the Jewish woman. Stephen’s early years were full of excitement and danger, as their house for some time became the emergency headquarters for the Dutch resistance in his region. His father was arrested by the Nazi authorities and held for some time in a special prison for people who were considered influential in their local communities. His parents also sheltered Henny Cohen, a Jewish woman, who was hiding whilst on the run from the Nazis. At the same time their formidable children’s nanny worked as courier for the Dutch resistance. At age seventeen Stephen had a major encounter with God which resulted in his leaving the Roman Catholic Church for good.

Having received a solid general education, he entered the world of retail fashion at age nineteen. After working in his hometown for a few years he left to try his luck in London, where he trained as a tailor in various high-class fashion houses. Whilst he was aware that his maternal grandfather had been a renowned tailor in London, he did not realise at the time that he was following a family tradition going back for five generations. Then in 1965 he married Virginia Edwards, and after the second of his four children was born, he left the fashion industry to take up a more lucrative career in financial services. During a successful career he pioneered a number of new schemes and concepts in charitable giving and seminar selling, and became an international speaker in his field. His interest in public speaking led him to direct his own public speaking club. In the years prior to his retirement in 1997, he became associated with a Speakers Bureau, after which he and a colleague set up their own International Speakers Bureau in London.

Once retired from day to day business he started writing books and founded Mount Ephraim Publishing as a vehicle for his work.  As an Elder and representative of the Mayim Chayim Messianic Community in England he visited Israel in 1998 and, whilst there, he re-discovered his interest in the Two Houses of Israel truth, which encapsulates the true Gospel of the Kingdom. That same year he became one of the earliest Members of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem. In his subsequent visit the following year many doors were opened for him into an Orthodox community, who embraced the same truth about the restoration of the Whole House of Israel. By a Divine appointment he was given the privilege to teach a most senior rabbi who held an important position, some of the things God had revealed to him about the location of the so-called Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.  Some time prior to this, he first met his good friend Rabbi Avraham Feld at a conference at the Hilton Hotel in Jerusalem, where Stephen had been invited to speak in the year 2000, and they have been firm friends ever since. Stephen and Avraham together with other senior figures in the Orthodox community in Jerusalem share the same vision for the restoration of the two divided houses of Israel and the establishment of the United Kingdom of Israel, a cause which conveys the very heart of God.

In the year of that same conference, Stephen received the calling to become;” A Watchman on Mount Ephraim! As per Jeremiah 31:6. Ever since that moment he has had a burden to get the message out to the multiple millions of Israelites, who sadly are totally unaware of their Hebrew ancestry and heritage.

Then in 2010, Stephen, his wife Virginia and his daughter Melissa moved to Israel, to study Hebrew at Ariel University. They remained in Israel for two years. Living in close proximity to the settler communities was a life changing experience, which helped them to see a side of the country which is reviled throughout the world. Whilst in Israel, Stephen and his wife organised an eight-day Feast of Tabernacles/ Sukkot Festival in the Old City Quarters of Jerusalem, as a haven for Messianic believers, and Christians who had returned to the Hebrew Roots of their faith from all over the world. During his last year there he wrote a benchmark book titled: “THE COVENANT OF DEATH,” BASED ON ISAIAH 28: 15. Whilst he wrote this work he received generous counsel from his good friend Rabbi Avraham Feld. The family had hoped to remain in Israel for good. However, God ruled otherwise and it was a terrible wrench for them to have to leave. The pill was softened somewhat, as within just one year, three of his books were published in the United States, and doors were opening in all directions for the Kingdom work of Mount Ephraim. To this day he continues to give lectures. Stephen Spykerman is a consummate communicator and has addressed audiences and conferences in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, Malta and Cyprus.

Stephen’s seventh book was launched in October 2014 at the Hebrew Nation Radio Feast of Tabernacles site in Oregon. It is called:

A GAME-CHANGING REVELATIONThe Hidden Ancestry of America & Great Britain, Published in two Volumes by Legends Library Publishing, Inc. Rochester, NY –Inquiries: info@legendslibrary.com

Stephen has since become a Member of the Stone Council of the Commonwealth of Yisrael. He served as the Moderator at the 2016 Shavuot C.O.Y. Conference in Jerusalem.

Today he serves as co-Founder of the newly constituted Commonwealth of Israel Reconciliation Project together with OvadYah Avrahami from the House of Judah.  Stephen holds the oversight and responsibility for the Ephraim side of the Project.e.g. the House of Israel.  Together they share the responsibility for the strategic planning and promotion of peaceful Reconciliation between the two divided Houses of Judah and Israel in the fulfillment of the main theme of Bible Prophecy.

OVADYAH AVRAHAMI (born 6 September 1934) is an independent Bible researcher. He works tirelessly as an activist promoting Israel and settlement of the Land of Israel, and as Webmaster and co-ordinator of Kol Ha Tor – Vision for the Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel.  This Vision entails the foundational and main Message of the Bible and of all Biblical Prophecy.

Ref. kolhator.org.il 

His publications on the topic of the world-wide Hebrew Roots Restoration phenomenon, have been circulated internationally since the early sixties and have affected the thinking and Scriptural interpretation of non-Jewish Bible scholars on all levels – from novice right through to academically qualified teachers worldwide.

OvadYah has been a pioneer since the 60’s to enlighten Bible students about the Hebrew Roots of Christianity, long before it became the popular movement that it is today.

The Hebraic Roots Restoration Movement is a non-organizational and highly individualized Movement amongst serious and sincere Bible students of all religious denominations right across the globe. This awakening is also noticeable in the world’s largest Christian denominations, where there is growing reference to the ‘discovering of the Jewish Roots of Christianity’ and a renewed interest in and a return to the Torah principles as proclaimed and guarded by the spiritual leaders of Judaism over the last 3500 years.  As a result of this Torah awakening millions of seriously seeking Bible students across the World are exiting the Church establishment

When Rabbi Avraham Feld and OvadYah met in Israel in 2005, it did not take them long to discover that they were sharing the same passion and unquenchable zeal for the Reconciliation of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of the G-d of Israel. Shortly after, they founded the Kol HaTor Vision as a publications medium to promote knowledge of this anciently proclaimed prophetic Vision which forms the main theme of the Bible, viz.:

  • The Restoration of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel, i.e.:
  • the Redemption or Geulah (in Hebrew), and the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ in Christianity

It has since transpired that Avraham Feld’s knowledge and contact fields in Judaism compliments OvadYah’s wide experience and exposure to the Hebraic Restoration awakening across the world. Together they form a powerful representation of both the House of Judah and the re-awakening House of 10-Israel. Together they have authored a book which serves as the foremost Text book on the topic of the Restoration of the re-united Kingdom of Israel. They review the Prophecies of the Bible in this regard, the writings of Jewish Sages throughout the ages, the current world wide  phenomenon of the Hebraic Restoration Movement across the earth and how it is the Jewish Torah foundations hidden in the New Testament which drive millions of souls all over the world to the Jewish Faith in a Global Torah Revolution.

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