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Who is behind the COI Project?

The leadership of the Commonwealth of Israel Reconciliation Projects (COI) comes in equal proportions from both sides of the opposing factions in this controversial Historic Feud where this reconciliation is required. Our leadership have been elected from leading and well informed commentators who have a sincere zeal for bridging the destructive and bottomless void between two factions of the same ‘Family’ – the Nation of the God of Israel. The audience that we cater for  are those who sincerely seek encompassing and in-depth knowledge in order to make an informed decision regarding the Way forward. The principle behind this Reconciliation Project is for both sides to approach each other in good faith, being willing to understand and respect the other side’s point of view.  For this reason we want to avoid any disruptive comments, actions or situations which will disturb peaceful relations.

eye-to-eyeWe totally shun coercion of souls by our associates and leaders on both sides.   While allowing freedom of expression of convictions, we need to take great care not to offend and destroy the Peaceful co-existence which is our main Goal. For this reason we commend the golden principles to “Agree to disagree” on controversial issues, while building on that which we do agree upon. (Refer our Uniting Factors ).  For this reason we operate from THREE platforms in this Web Site:

  • The re-identifying House of 10-Israel which is rising across the Globe (referred to in the Bible as  Ephraim / Yoseph);
  • The house of Judah (Jews) – Guardians of the Word of God for 3500 years, as exposed by God to Moses and the Prophets of the Bible;
  • And in the centre  COI – with representatives from both Houses.  We strive to establish Reconciliation between these 2 divided Houses of Israel. which have been greatly divided since 2700 years ago.

From this Central Platform, COI strives to prove that reconciliation and living fruitfully side by side within parameters that please the God of Israel, IS indeed possible.

Refer: Our Founders;   our Board Members

The COI Vision

Our leadership,  who are scholars and experts with individual experience through their involvement in this Restoration and Reconciliation Process, have all reached the same conclusion.  Coming from different fields in life, they discovered that the Main Purpose of God and the Main Theme of the Bible, is to restore the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel as that Entity that God will work through when He establishes His Universal Rule on earth. This requires that the two greatly divided Houses of Israel, which came about when the Kingdom of Israel was taken away by God from King Solomon 3000 years ago and broken up into two sections, be re-unired.  These two sections are frequently referred to in the Bible as “Judah and Israel”.  Both Houses in time were banished from the Land of Israel and exiled amongst the nations – but the Promise of God remained as a Challenge, that He would in the End times restore ‘the Fallen Tabernacle of David’.

The COI Vision entails that we have now reached that Moment in Time. That God is re-awakening His people and Calling them together.  But insurmountable Stumbling Blocks remain to keep these Two Houses apart.  The Final Redemption can NOT take place and God’s Universal Kingdom can NOT be established unless these Two Houses embrace in Peace and re-Unite.

THIS re-uniting in Peace is our Vision and our Mission.

This Vision is shared by our Associates who are listed here.

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